Black Garlic Bread

We made black garlic bread with dinner last night, using our black garlic, olive oil, parmesan, pepper, and parsley. If you haven’t tried fermented black garlic yet, get your hands on some. Weeks of slow fermentation at about 120 to 130 degrees F yields sweet, mild, buttery garlic cloves that have a faint taste of garlic coupled with a nutty, smooth flavor that is absolutely NOM.

We ground the cloves with oil and seasonings in a large mortar and pestle, spread it on good Italian bread, and ran it under the broiler. My husband made a simple pasta with our own garden tomato sauce.

I think the black garlic we bought at the garlic festival last weekend is not going to last. If I owned a dehydrator I’d make our own black garlic. Come to think of it, I would need a dehydrator to make the raw, vegan bread I’ve been thinking about. So…

May your life force grow and prosper.

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