Arnold is the Man – and Vaccinations

Every town needs an Arnold’s Way. Everyone loves Arnold, and he has the right ideas! We need this place in my neighborhood!

I’ve been visualizing opening such a place in this part of New England. It’s said that if you visualize it, it will manifest.

While you’re visualizing your own goals, check out this article on vaccinations. Now that we’re moving toward winter, the hue and cry of the medical professional is getting louder: ‘get your vaccinations before it’s too late!’ Well, I and many others have a different take. Pharmaceutical interests cannot be trusted. In fact, anywhere there is money to be made, turn your radar up high. The medical industry is a business, and hence about profit, not about human health and happiness. Avoid vaccinations.

Last night, my husband decided to take down the pepper, eggplant, and the last of the tomato plants. Still standing are tomatillos, kale, lettuces, basil, and parsley.


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