Potted Garden Breakdown

Buddy and Lily Dawa taking a Labor Day swim

My husband and I broke down the potted garden last weekend. Most everything was fading fast. We left one large pot of young basil (started from seed about one month ago), one large pot of parsley (I gave it the Chelsea Chop, which really works), and the pot of white geranium. Everything else went into the compost area.

To make myself feel a little better, I made a big jar of passion fruit sun tea while we were working. I’m SO going to miss sun tea.

As we were working on the gardens, I was checking off in my mind all the things I love and will miss about summer: fresh garden food, fruit, and herbs; sun tea; sunshine all day; warm breezes and warm rain; dresses; the scent of suntan lotion; hummingbirds; festivals; bleached hair; tanned shoulders; fresh lemon and watermelon sorbet; swimming dogs (that’s our Buddy and Lily Dawa in the photo, taking a Labor Day swim); bumble bees; kefir water (I switch to kefir milk in winter); Rhode Island; cookouts; beaches.


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