Ancho Peppers, Uggs, Winter Food, Forcing Bulbs

We pulled the last of the ancho peppers from the garden this weekend. There were so many that I just offered them to colleagues. As it turns out, everyone loves some spice in their food – they’re all gone! I used a couple in a yummy daal I made Sunday. We got a real bumper crop of hot peppers this month (September). I also picked a lot of purple tomatillos. And the KALES IS STILL COMING IN. It just keeps getting bigger. This weekend, I’ll plant the garlic. I also picked up some tulip bulbs for forcing in late winter. A really pretty red and white variety. They’re in cold storage, with the hyacinths, in the fridge. I might pick up some daffodil bulbs for forcing too. Come February, I’ll be longing for these flowers.

Rain is predicted for the next 7 days. It’s all good; we need the water. Even though it’s going to reach 80 degrees F today, it’s clear that autumn has arrived. The leaves are changing color, the nights are dropping down into the 50s and 40s, the sounds of the summer nights are all but gone. I bought a pair of new Uggs. Wearing tank tops outdoors is no longer an option. I made hot chocolate the other night: warm and spicy foods are becoming more appealing. My husband pulled up the sunflowers. I’m thinking about snow sports. We’re letting Lily Dawa’s fur grow a little longer. We keep spotting what my husband calls ‘hoppy toads’ all over the gardens. Birds are flying south every day. I put the electric blanket on our bed the other night. The long sleep is about to start.

May your life force grow and prosper.

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