An Urn of Rosemary, and Sunburned and Happy

I potted up two large, bushy rosemary plants in the huge concrete urn by the side of the house this weekend. It’s beginning to look like spring, and I see no more frosts in the weather forecast. I’m willing to gamble on this rosemary, especially since I have a large glass cloche to cover it if we do get a rogue frost one night before June.

I love rosemary. It has so many good uses, including as an excellent first aid, antiseptic herb. I also use it in my hair as a last rinse after washing. Steep fresh rosemary in boiling water for a couple of days, strain, and use. A few sprigs of rosemary in roasted root vegetables is aromatic and delicious.

The greens bed is taking off. I potted up one large lavender plant toward the back of our house. Lavender is another one of my favorites. I have a recipe for lavender shortbread that is amazing. Lavender also makes a fragrant hair rinse for shiny hair. I love hanging bundles of lavender in the house: it fills the air with a lovely, clean fragrance. Planting lavender by your garden entrance is said to bring good luck to the house.

Soon, I’ll have to get out and clean up and prep the flower garden at the front of the house. It will also be time to plant sunflower, cosmos, and nasturtium seeds there. I’m going to pull out the white rose, which never did well there, and put it in the backyard, where it may make a comeback.

Sometimes, a plant just doesn’t like the neighborhood you put it in, and something as simple as a change of location is the solution. Bad news: it doesn’t look like the gorgeous pink beach rose we picked up in Kennebunkport last summer survived winter. That really makes me sad.

In a month, we’ll be working the food garden. I’m so excited for that. My husband said he will build that watermelon wall for me for my birthday. It’s going to be a fun experiment that may change the way we grow melon.

Now that the growing season is closing in, I’ll be blogging more about the gardens and less about Buddhism. That changes in winter, when the garden sleeps. Feel free to email me with gardening questions. Get your garden right from the start, and you’ll enjoy fresh, wholesome, holistic food all summer.

Today, I’m sunburned and happy. My husband and I took the boat out yesterday (Sunday), and spent 5 hours on the water, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the top sunburn hours. The sun was strong and bright, and we both are really red and sore today. Bad for the skin, yes, but good for the soul after a long winter. Everything stings today, but you don’t hear me complaining.


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