Vermont Getaway, April Snow, and Lavender Lemonade

My husband and have I settled in a place in northern Vermont for our summer getaway. A log cabin in the wilderness with a lake outside the door, it’s all new and modern inside and has a two-person Jacuzzi, which my husband is absolutely thrilled about.

It will be nice to enjoy peace and quiet, boating, hiking, wild food foraging, soaking, swimming, and sunning. We figured we’re going to be on the beach a lot this summer with the boat, so why should we go to the beach again for vacation? He loves the outdoors, and I do too, so I’m happy with the plan! I feel very blessed.

Today is April 1. It’s going to get cold for the next five days. Nighttime temperatures in the teens, daytime temperatures in the 30s and 40s. Snow is predicted for Sunday. April snow. We’ll have to cover the greens, parsley, and pansies for five nights starting Saturday. This month, I’ll start the Japanese cucumber and green bean seeds indoors. These are fast germinators, and I’d like them outdoors full time in May. I hope the weather agrees. We have seven new Italian parsley plants germinating in the sunny window.

I’m drinking hot lavender black tea right now, but I’m feeling lavender lemonade, even though summer is not here yet. Fresh strawberry lemonade and lavender lemonade are my two favorite homemade summer drinks. 

I have a big jar of organic, dried lavender flower buds in the cupboard. I’ll pick up lemons today and make a jug of lavender lemonade to get us through the wintry weather to come. I don’t see any problem with sipping homemade lemonade and dreaming of summer while snow flies outside.


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