Seed and Tuber Planting

A busy and productive weekend in the gardens. I started two large trays of basil seeds, one tray of green beans, and one tray of Japanese cucumbers. There will be enough basil to give away to people who want some in their gardens this summer.

I weeded the greens bed, which, with this warm weather and rain, has had a growth spurt. The garlic is recovering from the frosts we had earlier this month, and fat, green scapes are showing.

The front flower garden is coming back to life, and I gave it a good weeding. Purple and white clematis is putting out new shoots, the pink beach rose and white tea rose are both showing signs of life, sage is coming back, the red tulips are blooming, hosta has naturalized and spread, and the lilies I started from tubers a month ago are ready to plant. In two weeks, I’ll plant all the annual flower seeds there: sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, and nasturtium. It’s time to put down fresh mulch.

I found the crimson morning glory seeds I collected from last year’s vines, and those will be planted at the arbor. There are two pots of basil in the back: they still come inside the house at night. There is new rosemary in the large concrete urn by the side of the house, and a pot of lavender by the back door.

Just a month from now, we’ll officially be into the growing season. The food gardens should be planted by then. We drew up a nice design for this year’s gardens. And I’m really looking forward to the watermelon wall.


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