Red Tulips Blooming in an April Snowstorm

 Forced red tulips in bloom

Aquinnah bread

These pretty red tulips have bloomed in a sunny window, and right on time. It’s April 4, and snow is falling today. I realized after I was snuggly and warm in bed last night that I forgot to cover the pansies for the evening. I’ll check them later today. It won’t be the first time I lost pansies to frost in April. It’s a perilous time of year for pansies.

I’m munching on some garam masala cashews right now. I found them at Foodworks in Guilford. If you like warming Indian spices, these are for you. Not an unhealthy snack.

Made some amazing Aquinnah bread this weekend. A plain loaf for my husband, and a cardamom honey loaf for myself. The recipe can be found in the book ‘Potluck at Midnight Farm’ by Tamara Weiss. 

It’s an easy, moist, robust, 2-hour from start to finish yeast bread. Aside from a pot of spicy daal on the stove, nothing makes the house smell better than homemade bread baking in the oven.


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