The Beach Rose Survived, a Gorgeous Window Box Idea, and Vote for Bernie!

Well, I was totally wrong about the beach rose bush we picked up in Kennebunkport last summer. It has in fact survived winter! Yesterday, I posted that it didn’t make it. Then after dinner last night, I poked around the front flower garden for a bit, and found brand new, bright green growth on the beach rose! It just threw out new growth overnight. I’m am so psyched.

We did a little early season garden work after dinner yesterday. The greens bed is humming along. In a few weeks, we’ll be harvesting young greens. The potted parsley is recovering from the spate of frosts we had earlier this month. I moved it to a new location, where the chipmunk doesn’t seem as interested. There are more parsley seedlings coming up in a backyard window box, and arugula in another.

Speaking of window boxes, my husband and I hung out and boated at Crystal Lake Beach last weekend. Some lucky people have homes right around the water there. I do love the styles of waterfront homes, especially when zoning laws don’t stifle homeowners’ imaginations. In Martha’s Vineyard, there are towns where homeowners are allowed to let their fancies run pretty wild, and the collections of colorful, unusual gingerbread houses are amazing.

Someone at this beach had a very cool, Victorian-style, black wrought iron window box secured to the front of the house, instead of under a window. It was filled with colorful spring flowers. It looked gorgeous. And I have just the right spot on our home for such a window box. Guess who’s going window box shopping this weekend.

In one week, on April 26, Connecticut holds its presidential primary. If you’re not voting in the primary, then you’re letting others make important decisions for you. Why would you allow that? For anyone from Connecticut who’s reading this, be sure to go to the polls one week from today. And be sure to vote for the incredible Bernie Sanders!

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