Awesome Yellow Curry, and the Bananas Survived the Journey

Kanokwan is a Thai brand I’d never heard of. I spotted it at the local health food store, and for only a few dollars, though I’d try it. Great impulse buy.

I realized last weekend that I basically travelled through summer with one bag of clothes, which made me think, why do I have drawers full of clothes at home? So now, there’s a growing pile of giveaway clothes in my dressing room. It feels great to give these clothes to people who will use them, rather than hoard them, and it’s going to make my journey a lot lighter, which I love.

Purging clutter is always freeing. House clutter, clothes clutter, mind clutter – it all slows us down, keeps us from moving forward. If you’ve ever done a sweeping clean of something, you know what I mean. It always reminds me of the wisdom of all the greatest minds in history: travel light, keep it simple, we’re just passing through.

I have found THE packaged Thai yellow curry. It’s warm but not hot, clean tasting, and easy to use. Kanokwan is a brand I’d never heard of before. I spotted it at the local health food store, and for only a few dollars, though I’d try it. A great impulse buy. I recommend it.

The two banana plants that arrived a bit travel-worn in the mail last week are looking better. They survived the trip, yay! That's the first hurdle. A little nitrogen and 16-hour days under the grow lights are making a difference. I’m really hoping they’ll be bigger and stronger by next May.

Wouldn’t it be great to have banana trees outdoors and around the house in summer? I’m hoping the Basjoo banana does well so it can take a permanent place outside. The Thai banana seeds are under the lights too, but it could take weeks or even months for them to germinate. And they may not germinate at all. Gardening is full of suspense and awesomeness.

Live in peace.

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