Homestead Weekend

 I made two loaves of wild yeast bread: rosemary olive oil for me, and plain olive oil for my husband.

 This Indian grocery sells fresh, take-out hot potato-curry samosas for 99 cents apiece. They are insanely delicious, and for two dollars, you have a great vegan lunch. Big win.

 We stopped at the Indian grocery Sunday. I picked up some pantry staples including tea, tea masala, coffee, mango chutney, chili, eggplant, ginger, and some Indian hair care supplies.

 With the tea masala I bought at the Indian grocery Sunday, I made a big cup of almond milk chai.

 The wild yeast sourdough starter was completed over the weekend. Now it lives in the fridge until next summer, fed weekly.

 The water kefir grains were pulled out of hibernation and given a sugar feeding. Within a day, there were signs of fermentation. Now that I’m vegan, water kefir, rather than milk kefir, is the way to go.

Our Meyer lemon tree has baby lemons all over it. But the weather is cooling now. Cross your fingers.

Lily Dawa got her new Buddha collar. It’s soft and supple, not like her last collar, and she looks amazing in it.

Three-day weekends rock. Saturday was boating day, and on Sunday and Monday Hurricane Hermine just gently kissed Connecticut with winds but no rain. So Sunday and Monday were big homesteading days. My husband cleaned and serviced our pellet stove in preparation for winter.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. The wild yeast sourdough bread starter was finished and bottled and placed in the fridge. The water kefir grains were brought out of hibernation and given a deep feeding of sugar water. Now that I’m vegan, it’s water kefir, not milk kefir, for me.

I made two loaves of wild yeast bread: one rosemary olive oil (using our garden rosemary), and a plain olive oil for my husband. I made cranberry coconut bread for a neighbor, and picked a lot of tomatoes.

On Sunday, we hit the Indian grocery. I picked up pantry essentials like tea, tea masala, coffee, chutney, veggies, and some Indian hair products. Then, I grabbed a couple of their amazing take-out, hot potato curry samosas. These little gems are just 99 cents apiece. Two of them make a great vegan lunch. For two dollars. A complete win.

We have baby lemons all over the Meyer lemon tree. But the weather is already cooling. I hope we have enough summer weather left to bring these to fruition before the tree comes indoors for winter.

All is well.

Live in peace.

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