Our Pineapple Plant, Mango Haul, and Winter Banana Trees

Navah, our beautiful pineapple plant, is expecting!

 I found the mother lode of mangoes this weekend at Foodworks. So I bought 15 of them.

Our pretty little air plant is doing great in the kitchen

Just want to share pics of Navah, our beautiful pineapple plant. She’s expecting! Yesterday, I gave her a deep feeding and removed one yellowed leaf. Never throw away the top of a good, organic pineapple. Plant it, and grow your own pineapple.

I found the mother lode of mangoes this weekend at Foodworks. So I bought 15 of them. Mangoes are a gamble (unless you’re in a tropical clime eating them off trees), so we’ll see how tasty they are. If they’re a good group of mangoes, I’m going to be enjoying some mango mono meals for next couple of weeks.

I ate mangoes off the trees in Jamaica years ago. Never before and not since have I tasted mangoes like that. If you’re a mango fanatic like me, make your next vacation to the tropics and eat the local fruit. There’s nothing, even in the best organic stores here, that come close. I dream of the day I eat bowls of fresh mangoes in Thailand.

Today is September 12, and the nights are getting cooler. Tonight, I’m going to set up the temporary indoor holding station for the tropical plants that have been outdoors all summer but that have to start coming in at night now. Hauling them in and out every night and morning is a hassle, but soon, they’ll be indoors for winter.

As autumn approaches, indoor gardening takes on a whole new novelty. I can play with things that I’m too busy to play with when we’re busy with summer food gardening. So this winter, I’m starting bananas. I’ve ordered Cavendish dwarf banana seeds from Vesey’s Seeds. Right now, I’m studying up on the best way to germinate banana seeds, which are large and very hard-shelled. I’ll keep you posted.

And our air plant is liking life in the kitchen. I love the air plant’s lightness and grace. Now that summer is drawing down, I am, as I always do, turning to indoor cultivation to keep my spirits high until next summer.

Live in peace.

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