The Definition of Pain (Mango Sticky Rice Cravings)

That 5-pound bag of Thai sticky rice was delivered yesterday. Mango sticky rice, here we come. I hope.

I’m still waiting to make that mango sticky rice. Yesterday, the 5-pound bag of Thai sticky rice was delivered. The Thai sticky rice cooker was not, although they were ordered as a pair. This is the definition of anguish. Waiting to eat mango sticky rice, and a single order delivered in separate packages.

I’m being dumb. This is not a hardship. But those mangoes ripened up to near-perfection this week, and they are ready to be dinner. Or dessert.

Did I mention that my husband, who had never heard of a mango, and when he did (through me), made a poopy face and swore he’d never try one? Well, last week, he asked if there was any sorbet in the house. There was – mango sorbet. So I gave him a bowl of it. He loved and hogged it, thinking it was orange. Then I told him it was mango. He now loves mango, and wants to know when we’re having mango sticky rice.

Wish I could explain this all to Federal Express.

Live in peace.

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