Our Friend River Leaves Us, and a Lime Tree in Transition

An awesome chick pea and black bean burger I had a Carson’s yesterday. The mango salsa made it perfect.

The lime tree is dropping its leaves like crazy since we brought it in the house. Leaves started falling like confetti just five days after we brought it in. Citrus needs sunshine and fresh air in order to be happy, no doubt about it. I’m hoping so much that it survives winter indoors.

The banana trees that came by mail are doing really well. The Thai banana seeds haven’t showed any signs of life yet. We lost one mango tree a couple of days ago. Like citrus, mango trees need the blesséd sun and lots of warm, fresh air to thrive. One mango tree is still good, and I’m trying to germinate more pits. 

I’ve decided not to try to overwinter the gorgeous geraniums indoors. We have too many tropicals vying for space at the sunny window and under the light banks.

Our beautiful friend River died at about 3:30 this morning, September 30. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been through it; it’s always wrenching when a beloved leaves. River loved the ocean, his boat, his dog Skippy, and cooking great food. He had kind blue eyes and a wily smile. 

River was a supersoul, an enlightened Ātman who instantly became a friend to my husband and I. We hung on his words, always taking his advice, drawing on his wisdom. Death, no matter how natural and necessary, always feels like a punch in the face.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I think we’re going to do a lot of homesteading. Rain is predicted for the next three days, so I think I’ll make loaves of sourdough bread using our own starter. My husband wants onion soup for the football game Sunday. Maybe I'll make a fresh batch of kombucha, and the dogs need baths.

There are still pots of geraniums that need to retire to the shed. And it’s time to lime the food garden patch. We’re pulling in the oars for winter.

Live in peace.

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