Readying for Winter

 I made vegan dog treats this weekend. Sweet potato, garlic, wheat flour, agave, garden parsley, carrots, hemp seeds, peanut butter and olive oil combined, kneaded, rolled, cut, and baked for about 20 minutes made yummy puppy treats that our dogs went nuts for.

 The mango trees graduated to larger pots over the weekend. They’re looking good!

 I planted the Thailand Black Stem banana seeds on Sunday. They have a nice, warm spot under the grow lights.

A big bag of plum tomatoes from the garden became a feast of fresh salsa.

It was a busy weekend with preparations for a Connecticut winter.

The summer annual herbs that had pretty much died were composted and the pots stored in the shed. Nearly everything that’s going to overwinter indoors was brought indoors.

The giant grow rack was assembled and placed near the sunniest window in the house. On the top tier are all the citrus, pineapple, and one geranium. We removed the top tier of lights, and will allow the winter sun to warm the top tier, the largest plants.

The second tier is mango trees, Basjoo banana trees, Thai Black Stem banana seeds in germination pots, a pot of Genovese basil seeds for germination, and two avocado pits that started to root outdoors. There’s also a baggie of mango pits wrapped in paper towels that we’re trying to germinate. Those 15 mangoes I bought last week are delicious, and may well be productive.

The third tier will be the last of the geraniums to come inside. They’ll get the Chelsea chop and go under the lights until late spring.

I repotted the mango trees in larger clay pots. But I snapped a root on one when transplanting, so we’ll see what the next few days bring. I hope it’s ok. I also planted those new banana seeds, and gave them a warm spot under the grow lights.

We pulled the almost last of the tomatoes from the food garden. With a big bag of Italian plums, I made fresh salsa. The heirlooms are for straight eating, and today’s lunch is a toasted garden tomato sandwich. I realize that this is one of the last toasted tomato sandwiches until next summer. Boo.

But now begins an interesting season for gardening. Winter is when I try new things with germination and hydroponics. I already have an idea of a hydroponic arrangement for a cactus I’d like to try. And the next papaya I buy is going to give me seeds to try for a papaya tree. Last night, I was looking at designs for amazing glass terrariums.

And finally, we hung up the bird feeder Saturday, and by Sunday morning, the birds had found it and there was a crowd. This will be some supplemental food for the little darlings until the spring thaw. And they’re eye candy for our dogs, who will sit by the window on snowy days and watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks for hours.

We’re still getting tomatoes, although they’re ripening on the plants very slowly now. My husband is anxious to raze it all to the ground, but I’m holding off. I’m in no rush at all to put the garden to bed for winter. We still have three days left to summer, and I’m holding on tight.

Live in peace.

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