The Garden Stirs, and Love and Light Return to Us

Just a few gardening quickies to report. We’ve placed the first big pot of Italian flat leaf parsley of the season near the back door! To most, this sounds like a non-event. I feel sorry for you if that’s your view, because what it means is that the 2018 food growing season has begun! One pot of parsley says it all – and we’re off!

Last Sunday, my husband tilled the side yard food garden plot: I was so thrilled, I took photos. The next day, it snowed several inches. By the following morning, all the snow had melted. Spring is a fickle season.

But now, the areas designated for the spring greens beds are ready to plant, and this weekend, spinach, kale, lettuces, arugula, dandelion, Gai Choy, Chinese kale, dill, and parsley seeds will all be sown and covered with poly tunnels. 

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands and feet into soil. Yes, I’ll be barefoot out there this weekend. It’s been months since I’ve gone earthing, and believe me you, it’s sorely needed. Thank you, Mother Earth!

My amazing husband brought me two big beautiful pots of bright ranunculus for Easter, and bags of garden bulbs, including bleeding hearts (his favorite) and purple lilies. Those will go into the flower beds this weekend as well.

It’s still nippy out there, and there are several more evening frosts in the forecast. But this is natural to a New England April, and the garden knows it. It will respond to our TLC by starting slowly, then taking off sometime in May. By June, we’ll be bushwhacking greens.

There are leaf buds on plants everywhere, and the peach trees are stirring. Our compost pile is huge and fertile. Birds have taken residence in the birdhouses and we can hear their babies calling loudly for food: birdwatching binoculars are stationed by the kitchen window. 

I feel the warmth returning to my soul. Soon, it will be tank tops, sundresses, and shorts, bare feet at our local and liberal health food store, sun burned shoulders and noses, afternoons on the boat, sun tea brewing in the backyard, and fresh garden food from the Earth. Love and light is returning to us, alleluia

Barbie xo

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