Got the idea to bonsai an ordinary geranium last summer after seeing someone else's success. I started it off around July, actually with a plant that was somewhat droopy and might have ended up on the compost pile. But I thought what do I have to lose, so I bought a small bonsai pot and planted the geranium in the corner. Then I worked on its shape for a couple of months. It bloomed nicely and was lovely. Then...I left it outside overnight in an early frost (oops...) and thought I'd killed it for sure.
I brought it inside, frozen soil and all, put it under the grow lights, and it's thrived. It's now nearly mid-February and it just keeps getting better and stronger. Soon I'll feed it weekly and eventually it'll go back outside for summer. Unless something terrible happens...
Lesson: Never underestimate a plant's will to survive.

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