Chives, anyone?

schoenoprasum/tuberosum under grow lights

Allium schoenoprasum (photo from seed packet)
We're in the chive business. 18 pots of seeds of both varieties are now under the grow lights in the garden room (top photo). This means that by April I'll be looking for people who want free pots of chives for their perennial herb gardens. Or I'll be throwing pots of chives at neighbors' front doors (much like I throw tomatoes at their front doors in September). So anyone who wants a pot of organically grown common or garlic chives toplant in their garden this spring, let me know and I'll put your name on a pot. I'll keep 3 for myself, but sharing is good Karma, and I always practice that.
Look here for a plethora of chive recipes:
Or just do what I do, and chop them fresh and tender into cream cheese and salads.

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