Shop 'till you drop

The painted door

Woke up with a crippling sinus infection/upper resp. infection this morning. Thank you newsroom co-workers for snorking your germs all over me! Later in the day, it was suggested that I get out into the cold air to open up my bronchial tubes. So....

Went to the local Home Depot for door paint, and lo! The spring planting items were already out! Bought 3 packs of (purple globe) common chives seeds, one pack of zinnia seeds, one pack of dwarf sweet pea seeds, one African violet (on sale), and plant markers. Intend to germinate lots of small pots of chives to give to friends for their perennial gardens this summer. Chives just keep coming back, bigger and bigger, year after year. Just plunk it in the soil and forget about it. Pretty AND tasty.

Oh, and bought door paint. What door? The one upstairs I painted a mural on 2 years ago that I can't stand to look at anymore. Going to paint it white again & start all over.

Then stopped at Foodworks for cough medicine and nose spray. TMI?

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