Soil academics

This from the Journal of Ocean University of China (English Edition):
Influences of oyster shell soil conditioner on soil and plant rhizospheric microorganisms (by Jiang Guoliang, Liu Yun, Ding Mingyu and Kong Xiuqin)

Abstract: Oyster shell soil conditioner had significant influence on soil and rhizospheric microorganisms in their biomass, respiratory intensity and nutritional requirement. It could stimulate growth of soil and rhizospheric microorganisms, especially nitrogen-fixers, and intensify soil respiration in proportion to the dose and fertilizing time of the conditioner, leading to the increase in the number of nitrogen fixing bacteria and the decrease in the number of bacteria with special nutrition demands.
Garden Geek translation: Sea shells, especially oyster shells, are a great soil amendment. Scoop some up at the beach and scatter them through your garden soil now. It’s even better to crush them beforehand, which as you can see, I don’t bother doing. Also, come summer, seaweed is a top rate fertilizer – and free.

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