Food Vibrations? Yes!

Someone today told me that my new crested cactus – Euphorbia Lacteal Cristata - looks like a brain. That’s harsh.

At the risk of sounding weird, I’m going to admit that I’ve been doing research on the vibrational frequencies of foods. Some people won’t have ears to hear this, I know. But bull your way through this post if you can.

If you’ve never heard of something called Kirlian photography, it’s just a simple contact print process in which an object – not necessarily food – is positioned on a film sheet on a photographic plate on a metal discharge plate, which is then connected for a moment to an electrical voltage. The energy discharge is recorded by a still camera or video.

What’s captured is the biofield of the object on the film sheet. Mainstream, corporate-contracted scientific research has, of course, deemed Kirlian photography the 20th- and 21-century equivalent of snake oil. That’s fair enough. Kirlian images are spooky looking and the scientific literature on Kirlian photography is scant. There’s mystery all around it.

But we know now that everything, everywhere, is born from and resides in energy. Everything that exists is ‘charged’. Think about it: if my heart stopped, and there was any chance of restarting it, it would be by way of an electrical jolt delivered by a powerful defibrillator. Electroconvulsive therapy introduces electricity to electrically induce seizures in patients whose brains need to be rebooted.

Everything resonates as a frequency, which can be measured. Frequencies don’t live remote lives: they are all tied into and emanate from an all-inclusive spark or wellspring - a source - the nature of which no one fully understands.

We all have the potential to be clear and precise antennas of this divine frequency. But lots of things block our ability to tap into it. Emotional baggage, memories of abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, greed, infidelity, lying, duplicity, lingering anger, obsession, violence, mental illness, physical illness, and yes, a poor diet – all these can separate us from the source of all frequencies.

Food can be fertile, fresh, living fuel for our bodies and minds, or it can be old, dead, processed, sugared, preserved, colored, frozen, dried, or canned badness that plugs the hole in our tummies but does little to nothing to nourish us.

Meat is the first offender, the deadest of dead foods. Meat is sourced from the abject suffering, misery, and fear of our fellow earthlings, the animals. We eat the flesh, fat, and innards of beings that lived in anguish and died in terror. Do we really imagine, even in our wildest dreams, that this is wholesome nourishment?

Put aside for a moment any idea you might have of vegans – that we’re all insane and condemnatory – and just look at the facts. The steaks and burgers we buy at the market are dead flesh in varying states of decomposition. Want to test that? Leave your raw burger meat at room temperature for a week. Then, do the same with a fresh piece of fruit. You’ll have to dispose of that putrid burger fast, open all the windows, and sweep away the maggots. But the fruit is still good. The same experiment works for any animal product – milk, butter, and cheese.

And don’t you know, scientists are now using Kirlian photography to measure the frequencies of various food samples. Processed animal meat has no biofield, completely flat; a freshly picked apple has a potent biofield.

A piece of fresh spinach just picked from the garden is full of frequency; a piece of frozen spinach from the grocer’s freezer has little to none. And the older food gets, the weaker its vibration. Also, a leaf, just plucked from a tree, has a surging biofield; but that same leaf one day later has lost its vitality. So we know that even high-vibrational foods lose their vigor fast.

Food is everything. It should be nourishing us every time we eat it. Food should be supporting us on our spiritual journeys: a body that takes in high-frequency food is stronger, the mind is healthier and functioning, and healing comes more easily. None of this is snake oil: even allopathic doctors don’t deny these facts.

Funny, then, that when you stay at a hospital, they feed you Jello and white bread. No wonder no one does any meaningful healing at a hospital. Many get sicker, many die, and everyone goes home feeling depleted and depressed.

There would be so much more healing in hospital environments if nutrition was at the forefront of all treatment. And by nutrition, I mean fresh, whole, vital, high-frequency foods, and plenty of clean water.

Every morning after I wake, I let the dogs out to run and step outside myself, look at the sky and the stars, and start downloading my ideas for the day. More and more lately, these ideas include nutrition and how we as food gardeners and lovers of Mother Earth can jumpstart a movement to return us all to clean food and the health and happiness we’re meant to have.

Overwhelmingly, more acreage in the U.S. is used for commercial agriculture and livestock production than for any other purpose. And yet the resulting food we eat is getting deader and deader. We’re getting sicker and sicker. Depression is epidemic. Cancer is galloping its way through all our lives.  Heart disease is at its highest rates in history. Diabetes is common now, even in children. What in the world is wrong?

I believe it’s time to become acquainted with the nature of food and how high-frequency foods can make us those precise antennas for the divine frequency.

Let me know your thoughts.

Live in peace.

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