More Garden Prep and Homemade Turmeric Powder

Elephant ears being potted up for early germination.

Fresh, organic turmeric rhizomes that I turned into turmeric powder Saturday.

My bestie Sunny loves her new banana tree, a late Christmas gift from me.

Just wanted to show you really quick the elephant ears being potted up the other day. I want to give these guys a jump start on the season. Also, a bowl of fresh turmeric rhizomes that I turned into turmeric powder on Sunday, using the Nyishar method. 

And, my best friend, Sunny, loves her new dwarf banana tree! It was a late Christmas gift. Now, it lives on a desk near a sunny window at her home office.

Snow showers tonight. And snow in the forecast next week. It’s going to be bitterly cold on Saturday. This is winter’s last gasp, I tell you. We’ll bull our way through the next couple of weeks and then greet the spring sunshine.

Live in peace.

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