Kitchen Microgreens

Thanks to my husband, we have a big, beautiful tray of organic microgreens sprouting in the kitchen. This is one of my favorite things.

Last weekend, he picked up some organic salad greens seeds for me, and organic summer squash (his favorite summer veggie) seeds for himself. Then, he picked up a very cool, large, sturdy, green microgreens sprouting tray with a lid, and some organic seed starting mix. He’s the best.

The mix he picked has a variety of lettuces, arugula, spinach, and dandelion. I planted them right away, and four days later, they’re sprouting. Since it’s microgreens we shooting for, they should be ready to eat in a month.

This morning, I planted Genovese basil seeds in our propagator. They’re also fast sprouters, but they won’t go outside until May. Basil withers quickly in the cold.

I’m keeping my eyes on the weather. As soon as it looks like we’re going to have at least 5 days of clear skies, we’re going to plant the spring greens bed. The secret to germination of greens is initial warmth. Under a poly tunnel, we need sun to warm those seeds so they’ll sprout. Rainy, overcast says won’t do it.

It can be 40 degrees outside, but if it’s 70 or better under a toasty tunnel, we’re good to go. As soon as they sprout, the tunnel comes off. I’m looking forward to fresh greens in the morning smoothies, and some fresh, dark green juice shots.

I’m looking for a good book, and am wide open to suggestions. I tore through a lot of books this winter. I need something new. Non-fiction is my favorite, but I’d love to tap into some of the fiction of Balinese writers. Any insightful books on Buddhism are always good. I need a before-bed book, and a few beach/boating books for summer.

Just an update on those turmeric rhizomes. They haven’t sprouted yet. I have good, fresh rhizomes, and they’re warm and moist, with no signs of mold. But they’re just doing nothing. I’m going to keep them going though, because the thought of a big pot of turmeric plants turns me on. Gardeners get off on the strangest things.

Live in peace.

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