Snow Behind, Spring Ahead

The elephant ear bulbs are sprouting!

Turmeric powder I made from fresh, organic rhizomes. So much fresher and brighter than anything you can buy.

That was a crazy March blizzard! We had no choice but to stay in, except for some shoveling and snow blowing. I tended to plants indoors; my husband grappled with the snow outdoors. We slept until 10, had a big pot of hot Pu-erh tea going all day, and I roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and potted up a couple of the tropicals that had outgrown their pots. And we all ate too much.

With spring approaching, I’m thinking not only of the gardens, but of day trips. There are several Buddhist temples and retreat centers that I’d like to visit. Buddhist Faith Fellowship hasn’t yet listed any summer field trips or days of meditation. I have a list of places to visit here in Connecticut, but mostly in Massachusetts and Vermont. And there are holy places that I’ve been to that I’d love to re-visit. As soon as the weather warms, I’ll get moving on a travel plan. This March blizzard has me feeling sleepy again.

Our elephant ears bulbs are sprouting! Another mango tree has emerged, and the pineapple crown from our last pineapple plant appears to have survived transplant and is stable. It may be two years before it produces a pineapple, but who cares. The journey is the best part.

I’m hanging on until spring. In five days, it will be here. It may be a month or so before it starts feeling like spring, but that’s OK too. Part of the joy of growing your own food is planning and dreaming.

Live in peace.

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