Mother Earth and Plant Consciousness

The idea that plants experience consciousness, a consciousness obviously different than ours, has become a subject of global interest. And it seems to me that whether plants have an awareness of self and experience the world in any conscious way should be of interest to everyone, because the answer would change everything about the way we live.

Biofields are found wherever there is life, and localized biofields are detected in areas where only plants are found. Plants, like people, resonate. Many studies have been done in which science has found that plants respond to threats, stress, abundance, and kindness. 

The Baxter experiments in the 1960s and 70s proved - by repeating plant consciousness experiments over and over and getting the same results - that plants not only experience the world around them, but also show abilities to communicate with each other and us.

Researchers like John Perkins, Abraham Hicks, Sarah Turner, and Claire Harvey are studying and publishing work on the living responses of plants. At the Bose Institute in India, experiments in primary perception – the idea that all living organisms can feel and communicate – are proving conclusively that everything that lives is more amazingly intelligent and conscious than we ever thought.

On the social front, global or universal consciousness is an idea that has become more mainstream. Humans are beginning to embrace the Hindu belief in the unity of all existence, and the Essene understanding that plants can and want to heal us and the Earth.

I used to talk to roses when I was a child. I asked for and plucked the rose petals, then floated them in water to make my own flower waters. From a very early age, I was fascinated by the mysteries of plant life. I knew that the green kingdom is very real. I watched the cycles of the seasons and saw that the nature kingdom wants to survive and thrive. I watched flowers as they grew and came into full bloom, and then dropped their petals and their essence deep into the Earth again.

It was clear to me that plants are an active and living part of our environment that we can communicate with, and have a capacity for healing themselves (and us). They have much greater lives than we attribute to them.

But are plants conscious? I believe the answer is yes. I believe the answer is yes not because of anecdotal evidence, or the results of the Baxter or other studies, but because I, like others who are deeply connected to plants, have experienced plant consciousness.

We’ve experienced the compassion that exists in the plant kingdom. Plants have an ability to bring their frequency or resonance in tune with ours. It’s a symbiosis that’s been happening since the first moment plant and human shared the Earth. Plants have healed us, body and mind. We’ve had the quantifiable experience.

Plants don’t talk or sing or write poetry or drive cars, so it’s easy to overlook the magnificence of what it is to be a plant. But we can experience the miracles of plant life by just spending time with them. Walk in the woods and breathe the forest air. Go to and and read the scientific literature and personal essays. Go to a Green Nations Gathering Event. Bring plants into your home and garden and be in relationship with them.

Plants are encouraging us to wake up and remember. The green kingdom wants to teach us a new way of living with nature, of living in harmony with the Earth. They want to help us evolve into sacred humans. They are consciously alive and communicating with us and everything that lives. I have no doubt about it.

Live in peace.

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