Our Banana Tree Sprouted the Cutest Keiki

 One of our beautiful banana trees has sprouted a keiki (bottom left)! The circle of life, aloha.

Last night, I started incubating fresh turmeric rhizomes. It will take two years for the plants to reach maturity here in Zone 6.

Last night I also planted four avocado pits in soil and covered them with a DIY greenhouse made from the bottom of a liter soda bottle. If one or more of these pits takes off, I plan to bonsai them.

We’re making an addition to this year’s food garden: sweet potatoes. We’ve grown white and red potatoes, but organic white and red can be found at the market for a reasonable price. Sweet potatoes are more expensive. And I’ve never eaten a garden-fresh sweet potato. This is something I’d like to grow. I’m researching best ways to cultivate them in a relatively short growing season like ours.

Last night, I started incubating fresh turmeric rhizomes. It will take two years for the plants to reach maturity here in Zone 6. They can winter indoors, which makes it possible to produce our own turmeric roots. Incubation just jump starts the germination process, plus it’s easy. 

Just moisten some fresh rhizomes, place them in a screened Ball jar, and place in a warm spot in the house (they’re under the grow lights). Moisten them every day, but make sure they have plenty of air circulation. Ginger and turmeric rhizomes will rot quickly if kept wet.

News! One of our beautiful Poquino banana trees has sprouted a fat, healthy keike (pronounced “KAY-kee”). This tells me that the plant is robust and interested in expanding its horizons. I’m so thrilled with the ongoing health of all our banana trees.

The Basjoo, which has grown big, will be good to go outside in June, and I plan to buy two more to add to the mound where they’ll live permanently. The Thai Black Stem variety are coming along, three plants tucked in one big pot. The pot will go outside in summer and come indoors in winter. And the poquino will do the same. But I must research how to remove this lovely little keike without damaging it or the parent plant. Then, we’ll have two potted Poquinos. I just love banana plants.

To follow up on yesterday’s post, I’ve closed my LinkedIn account. With each social platform I withdraw from, I feel more as if I’m headingin the right direction. LinkedIn in particular, after years of being a member, did nothing whatsoever for my career. All it did was give prying people a chance to watch my life. Namaste and I love you with all my heart nonetheless, but it’s time for all of us to move on.

The wind today is fierce. This is a split-personality-type March day. The sun is bright and warm, but the wind is cold and sharp. The days will climb into the 50s from next week onward, but the night will continue to freeze. I moved our bird feeder into the sun so the birds can warm their feathers while they eat. Soon, they’ll be scrambling to and fro, building their nests. What a gorgeous time of year.

Live in peace.

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