Take my DNA, Please

I just received an early birthday gift from my husband. This morning, I ordered the ancestry.com DNA test kit, which, using a sample of my DNA, will tell me about my genetic lineage. It will take a week for the kit to arrive, and after I’ve provided a DNA sample and mailed it back to the lab, will take another 6 to 8 weeks to deliver the results.

I’ve wanted to do this for years, but one expense or another always sidelined it. My genetic lineage is largely a mystery. There’s some Sicilian, some Greek or Albanian, and some Irish. But my dad told me years ago, that our family DNA is more diverse than that.

He alluded to some African ancestry, and that has always interested me. And since my brothers and I are genetically identical, this will answer their identity questions too. This is an epic birthday gift. I’m psyched to discover what stuff I’m made of.

We went from having no viable avocado saplings to having about four, which is awesome. And the timing is right. In a couple of months, they can all go outdoors, where the warm sun and rain will accelerate their growth. Maybe, by autumn, we’ll have some established avocado trees that have the strength to make it through winter indoors.

The sweet potato slips are shooting up, especially the purple ones. It looks like we’ll have plenty to give to friends, and plenty for our own garden. Sweet potatoes are great vegan food. The purple Okinawas are especially delicious, and they’re pretty.

The weather forecast says we’re about to embark on six straight days of rain. Today, it’s completely gray outside, and cold. This is going to be a test of a gardeners’ endurance. But I’m hoping that we get all the spring rain there is to get now, and that May will be dry and warm and good for getting the gardens going.

I ate an Asian pear two days ago, and planted the seeds in a pot. I have no idea if they’ll germinate or what to expect if they do. I’ve never seen an Asian pear tree nor have I ever found one for sale. I do know that they act like apple trees. But that’s about it. So, this should be interesting.

I ordered my Coola sunscreen this morning. It may be strange to order sunscreen in March when the temps are in the 40s and it’s raining, but I want to be ready for summer the minute it arrives. I already received delivery of my minimalist summer makeup from Etherealle on Etsy. All nudes and peaches and gingers, all vegan, super light, and tawny. Gawd I love summer.

Live in peace.

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