I πŸ’™ Water

As the title of this post implies, I love water. Be it ocean water, fresh water, ice, warm rain, mist, spring, mineral, or whatever, I love the stuff. I love taking long showers, especially outdoors. I’m insane about long soaks in the tub, followed by quick, cold shower rinses. I love the feeling of water splashing on my face when I wash it, and the water in my hair when I shampoo. I’m crazy about taking a cool shower and that fragrance that rises from my skin after a day in the sun. I love swimming, and feeling the water flowing fast over my skin.

My Dad, who was a lifeguard, taught me to swim when I was two years old, and eventually set me on the path to being a lifeguard myself. He took my brothers and I to either the beach or the community pool in New York every single day in summer. Once, when I did something punishment-worthy, my sentence was no swimming for two weeks. I almost died of grief.

Now, I’m married to someone who loves water too. My husband’s finest moments are on our little boat, whether floating under the sun on smooth seas, or showing off and speeding through the water like a nutter. He’s not a big swimmer, but he otherwise digs water like me. We both adore the beach, and all the culture and magic surrounding life at the coast.

We’re plenty wet right now. All the snow of February and early March is slowly melting, and the ground is sticky and soft. This morning, I saw that the snow on the gardens is disappearing.

This got my juices flowing. In a couple of weeks, maybe sooner, the greens gardens will be planted. This is later than I’d like, but when sowed under long poly tunnels, greens seeds germinate quickly. We should have young greens for sandwiches, salads, juices, and smoothies before Mother’s Day.

The parsley I started from seed indoors in a large pot in January went outside this morning. It’s still chilly, and there’s no sun, but parsley likes this. I may have to bring the pot in a few times if we get frost, but otherwise, this is the beginning of it all. One by one, the plants indoors will go outdoors to taste that blessed air and feel the sun.

It’s a good thing I love water like I do, because we have a weather forecast of rain pretty much non-stop for the next few weeks. It’s turning out to be a very wet spring. This can be beneficial for the gardens, as long as it doesn’t start powering up fungus spores. We are preparing the garden grounds for the growing season, and only great, clean soil grows great, clean food.

Today is March 28, April is nearly here, and with it, planting begins. Greens beds outdoors, summer veggies in our seed starting trays indoors. I am absolutely psyched.

Live in peace.

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