Chaga Overload, and a Foodworks Run

Ralph Johnson, very groovy owner of Foodworks

Detoxifying can be a cruel bitch.

Chaga is great for the health in so many ways, it blows my mind. Yesterday morning, I chugged 32 ounces of freshly brewed, sclerotia-rich chaga, the most potent batch I’ve made so far. It had simmered for 24 hours, and I increased the chaga-to-water ration by about 100 percent. Really strong chaga.

A sane single serving of potent chaga is about 8 ounces liquid. I was looking to step up the game, though. More is better, right? Wrong. Big mistake.

My tummy got really upset about 3 or so hours after I drank the chaga. It started with an intense lower back ache and a throbbing headache. Soon after, I felt the maelstrom building in my GIT. It was all downhill from there.

I’m fine today. This morning, I drank a perfectly sane 8 ounces of chaga for breakfast. That was about 4 hours ago, and I feel great. We Taureans are a lusty, onverindulgent bunch.

This weekend, I’m heading to the Connecticut shoreline to visit family, and to hit my favorite health food store, Foodworks. It’s not so much that Foodworks has the biggest supply of everything; it actually doesn’t. Wholefoods has more of everything, including a commercialism that completely lacks subtlety. The vibe at Foodworks is just right: groovy Qi there. Great conversation always happening. Cool, progressive people who are intellectually curious and a lot counter culture. That goes a long way with me. And they have much of what I need. 

It’s supply-getting time:

Cacao Bliss (You haven’t tried CB? Buy a jar right away!)

Cacao butter

Black sesame tahini

Black sesame seeds

Neti pot zinc supplement

Lavender essential oil

Raw honey

Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

Raw cold pressed coconut oil

Nutiva coconut manna

Himalayan salt

Reishi mushroom

Goji berries

Kelp powder

Peanut butter (they have their own grinder)


Flying cat mobile (I saw it there last time and I really would like for the kitchen: it’s a wooden, hand-painted black cat with movable wings in a mobile. Too awesome.)

Cranberry ginger booch

Black strap molasses

Dr. Bronner castile liquid soap (for bathing the pups)

Tea tree essential oil (flea and tick protection for the pups)

Garam masala cashews

Korma and tikka masala simmer sauces

Basmati rice


I’d better not let my husband see the debit card charges for a while.

Peace on Earth

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