Menstruation and Nature's Medicine

This morning’s yummy, soothing chaga

Other than humans, few animals menstruate. Menstruation has only been observed in some species of bats, and some captive chimpanzees. The rest of the animal kingdom got a pass.

Lucky us, we humans. I find menstruation to be the most painful, exhausting, messy, inconvenient, expensive, and frustrating part of life. I absolutely hate it. And if I follow in my mother’s footsteps (she gave birth to me when she was nearly 50), I won’t see a sign of menopause until I’m close to 60. A long way away.

To make it worse, I have chronic, moderate anemia, which my naturopath says is  a result of excessively heavy blood loss. Iron supplements don’t help much.

My morning chaga helped today. Chaga is a proven system balancer, immune booster, and antioxidant. It offers the body minerals, supports the integrity of blood vessels, and provides soothing properties in times of irritation.

Since I don’t do chemicals or other over-the-counter menstruation remedies, chaga is my best friend, especially now.


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