Pyramidology in Our Kitchen

A grounded, copper pyramid (this one is not ours)

Our neighbor and good friend, River, stopped by unexpectedly last night. River is having some serious health problems, and I solemnly believe that much of what he’s experiencing is a result of decades of internalizing extreme fear. So, we work together on achieving balance (for both of us). He has submitted to chemotherapy; I probably wouldn’t make that choice. River also just had a gall bladder removal that resulted in some troubling complications. At our home, he gets nurturing, some biodynamic grub, and support. The door is always open; no notice required.

River noticed last night that there is a pretty big pyramid in our kitchen. I laughed out loud at his expression. I am surprised he didn’t notice it before. Yes, there is a large, copper, grounded, geometrically sound, open-structure replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza on our kitchen counter.

Underneath the pyramid is a live grounding mat, connected to a grounding wire and plugged in to a tested, grounded outlet. Basically, whatever could benefit from grounding and can fit inside the 15-by-15 inch structure is in there. 

What’s in there changes often: sometimes it’s fruit, veggies, or garlic we’re going to eat that week; often it is a food or drink that I made for someone; chaga is sometimes in it; or essential oils, holistic medicines, or gifts for others. When our hamster, Wheat Germ, was with us, he used to love to hang out under it. It was insanely cute; Wheat Germ lived to a ripe old age, and died warm and safe in his bed.

Pyramids have long been associated with sacred properties. Reported benefits of exposure to pyramids include relief from stress, chronic anxiety, arthritis, malignancies, depression, anemia, heart disease, insomnia, menstrual pain, and much more. The simple science behind these reports stems from the fact that grounded copper, limestone (limestone is that the Giza pyramids were built from), and other conductive materials emit a very low, calming frequency. Dowsing with these materials is a practice that countless people swear to.

For many thousands of years, we have speculated why the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed. Some believe it functioned as a tomb. But with scant evidence to support that, many, many others have recognized that Giza acted as a kind of wireless energy source for Egyptians of that time. A simple but sophisticated design, based on the Golden Ratio and therefore geometrically perfect, visitors have attested to the energies within the pyramid.  There are historical references to paranormal events inside and close to Giza’s compound of ancient pyramids.

Whatever it is that imbues pyramids with their potent energy (I believe it’s simple physics), there can be no doubt of their effectiveness as objects of healing. And, they are beautiful.

Keeping a pyramid in your home for functions like grounding your food and medicine is a real and effective mode of healing. One day, I’d like a 6-foot copper, limestone-capped pyramid for meditating underneath. I’d like to see the expression on River’s face when he meets that for the first time. May he be well.

Peace on Earth

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