Detox Time and Planting Microgreens

The Unternyer Gardens in Yonkers, N.Y. Looks like a spring road trip to me.

My friend and I are starting a strict detox next week. As she said this morning, ‘The scale doesn’t lie’. I detox for different reasons, but the plus is that I always drop a few pounds too. My detox efforts focus on cleansing of heavy metals and other accumulated toxins. It’s great to have a girlfriend who’s also a partner in getting clean.

This time around, my detox will focus on warm liquids. In the depths of winter, I need warming nourishment, and cold juice fasts don’t make the cut. I’ll be drinking lots of clear vegetable broth spiked with coconut oil, black garlic, and cayenne, tea, and of course, chaga. Summer is the time for lemon juice fasts and the like.

It snowed last night. Not enough for back country skiing, though, so I say poo. Give me no snow and sunny skies, or 6 inches of powder I can trek on. My skis are primed to go: newly waxed and completely checked. So Mother Earth, I respectfully ask you to create opportunities to use them. I am wearing my Soleil ski boots today, because a girl can dream.

So I woke up this morning bursting with gratitude. Sure, all the troubles of life are there: unyielding bills, money shortages, difficult jobs, a house that needs attention, family demands, worries about health and the environment, bad news from around the world, and sadness and suffering everywhere.

Still, I can’t imagine wanting another life. Every day is a chance to grow, learn something new, bless someone else, comfort and love an animal, plant a seed of compassion, spread a good word, minister to my husband, see a good movie, drink some chaga, forgive, make love, and thank the universe for my time here.

Have you ever heard of the Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, N.Y.? It’s 45 historic acres of gardens and architecture just north of New York City. It actually contains a Persian paradise garden. A friend of mine told me this morning that she went there last weekend with her partner. Now, my curiosity is engaged. But I think it would be a better springtime trip, so when tulip season approaches, I’ll see who wants to join me for a day there. It looks spectacular.

Tonight, I’m going to plant a small tray of seeds for microgreens. It occurred to me yesterday that the 1.5-foot by 1.5-foot wooden microgreens tray I bought years ago needs to come out of storage. Microgreens are supremely nutritious and a potent Jing food. And they’re super easy to grow in a sunny window in winter.

Peace on Earth

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