Ground Your Chaga, and a Hot Pyramid

I had a great moment this morning. If you read an earlier post here, you’ll know that I’m really in to pyramid energy. We have a large, grounded, geometrically sound, copper Giza pyramid in the kitchen. I place fruits and veggies, sometimes essential oils, sometimes holistic medicines, sometimes dog treats, and sometimes water and gifts for others under it.

I have to make fresh chaga tonight, so last night before bed, I placed the giant jar of chaga chunks under the pyramid. I thought – ‘why not ground the chaga?’

This morning, as I was wandering around the kitchen heating chaga in a pan and trying to wake up, I touched the pyramid. It was very warm, strangely warm. I thought maybe there was a pocket of heat energy nearby, and so I felt the counter, cabinet, teapot, and cup, all right by the pyramid. All cold; as cold as you would expect on a January morning. But the pyramid was warm to the touch. I’d say it was over 100°.

Amazing grounding energy. Groovy.

Peace on Earth

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