Cleanse Report, and Summer Cravings

The 3-day chaga/broth/raw honey cleanse went well. Day 2 was a bit rough. If you’re smart, you break a cleanse like this with light, fresh, whole foods. I broke it with carob-covered peanuts. Not smart. I didn’t weigh myself before or after the cleanse, since weight loss wasn’t my objective. I feel cleaner, lighter, and clearer of mind. Mission accomplished.

I miss watermelon. A winter diet is not giving me what I need, and my body is using cravings to tell me. I also miss raw green beans, and arugula. I miss all the salad greens we grow in summer.

This winter, I’ve been eating a lot of garbanzo beans, garlic, coconut oil, tahini, bee pollen, and biodynamic milk. What I crave are fresh garden greens. A huge, garden-fresh arugula and watermelon salad with my own green goddess dressing would make me dance on my lips right now.

I can’t get into the groove of market vegetables and fruits. I look at them and think, ‘How far have you traveled to get here? What pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals slipped through your USDA ‘organic’ screening? How old are you? How many of your original nutrients do you actually still have?

I’ll buy a cucumber, lemon, or apple from the health food store here and there. But overwhelmingly, I eat seasonally, and in winter, that means little to no fruits or veggies. This is a big bummer, especially in January, when the cravings start.

On the brighter side, all this means is that there are great things to look forward to. Soon, ground will soften, days will lengthen noticeably, trees will bud, and the first snowdrops and crocuses will push up through the snow.

That’s the start of it all. Count the days with me.


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