Home as Habitat, Massage Room, and Day 2 of the Cleanse

I’m this close to getting my husband to agree to reinvent the guest bedroom as a massage and meditation room.

He’s holding out on the premise that a guest room is a mandatory thing, even if it goes unused. I believe the opposite. But he’s beginning to take an honest look at this: in the 4 years we’ve been in this house, we’ve had just one guest, for one night – his mother, the night before her surgery. We were to take her to the hospital early in the morning, and it was the smart thing to do.

My husband and I are of the same mind on this: we don’t allow anyone, including family, use our home as a crash pad (and sadly, a couple of his family members have tried). When those young ones came around - chock full of drama and in some ersatz crisis - looking to penetrate our habitat, my husband told them: this place is our cradle: this is where we come to gather our sanity, rest, recharge, enjoy each other, meld minds, cuddle with dogs, cook meals, make love, meditate, massage, sing, grow plants, dance nude, and simmer in solitude. They’re welcome to visit for a day, but not squat. He handled it compassionately but firmly. Perfectly.

Your home is a divine space. It must be a place of peace and harmony. You should be able to use the bathroom when you need to, cook when you want to, go nude when it feels right, make love anywhere you please, sleep whenever rest is sought, and not confront needless drama. It should be quiet, clean, uncluttered, and uncrowded. This is the basis of a peaceful, restful life: no matter what people and the world throw at you from the outside, you’re safe and secure, comfortable and at peace, happy and sane, within your home.

So the room is overwhelmingly unused. Right now, I keep my massage table, heat lamp, and other massage essentials folded up but ready to go. How much better would it be to have the table open and ready 24/7? In a bright, freshly painted, newly carpeted, welcoming room with the chakra chart on the wall? He’s agreed to discuss it again tonight. I’m closing in.

They’re talking about big snow this weekend. I predict an inch at most. Why? I worked on the editorial floor in television news. The weatherman has his reasons for inciting dread. It’s something called advertising revenue. It drives journalism now; it’s the beating heart of it. Sad stuff. But if he’s right, then I get to ski. Win-win.

Today is Day 2 of the chaga/broth/raw honey cleanse. Last night was surprisingly easy: I often get hungry at night, but not last night. This morning, I felt strong cravings. I drank some yummy hot chaga, and that helped. I feel clearer and lighter today. My mind is suppler. I did a full body dry brushing this morning before showering, and a coconut oil pull. I also used kelp powder to make a quick facial.

Just 60 days until spring. Already, but impalpably, the garden is stirring. Life is making its hallowed comeback.


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