Here’s another video from Venerable Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, part of his ‘Buddhism 101’ teachings. He is adding to this series regularly. In this teaching, Honorable Geshe speaks about immediate and long-term consequences of actions. These are great teachings for anyone, wherever they may be in their meditation practice.

Buddhism warns against attachment, which is the source of all suffering. Much hedges on our attitudes, particularly at the moment of our deaths. Buddhists of most traditions recognize the existence of ghosts. In Buddhist practice, when the body has ceased to live, the mind begins its next journey. Right or wrong thought at death will determine the next step of our journeys.

A right mind, full of compassion and patience, moral and schooled in the Dhamma, will have a good rebirth. A grasping mind, immoral, fraught with fear, regret, anger, greed, and so on, will fall into a ghostly state, still clinging to things of this world. Ghosts hang around, hungry, wanting something, refusing to release their attachments to people, places, and things.

What are you attached to? Worldly pleasure? Money and possessions? Drugs or alcohol? What are you clinging to? Anger? Thoughts of revenge? Don’t you know that clinging to anger is immoral? Don’t you know that these attachments are keeping you trapped? Don’t you want to be free?


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