New Hampshire Chaga

Best chaga I’ve yet found, from a very cool dude in New Hampshire

I just received delivery of 5 pounds of wild, organic New Hampshire chaga. Very pleased with this batch. It’s rich in that fabulous black ‘bark’ outer core that’s so chock full of melanin.

In an interesting twist, I find myself faced with a lot of ground chaga grounds after a batch of tea is made. I’ve been putting the grounds in the compost bucket for the food garden, but then I got the idea to use them as an exfoliant in the shower.

I can say 2 things about that: it’s a very effective exfoliant, and; it’s supremely messy. If I could bathe in a lake each morning, then I’d go with the chaga grounds exfoliating each day. But since I have to clean up my mess in the bathroom at home, I don’t see myself using chaga in the shower all the time.

In just a few weeks, I can start pulling hyacinth and tulip bulbs out of the refridgerator. If they’re potted up by the end of this month (January), we’ll have spring flowers blooming in our home by late February and March. Awesome.

Peace on Earth

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