My New Earthing Wristband

My new earthing wristband

I want to commend to you this video on lucid dreaming by Nyishar. I’m a big fan of Nyishar’s ideas on LD and epigenetics. There are 2 points within LD that are noted in this video, presented by Nyishar’s owner Paul: our awake lives and our dream lives are both based upon non-reality (it’s a mistake to believe that one is real and the other is not), and; LD is a powerful spiritual practice – and as a practice, like meditation or yoga or running, must be practiced regularly and consistently to yield results.

Those 2 points are made very superficially here, but I don’t have the space on this blog to get into a deep discussion of LD. Check out the video. He also made a first video on LD that goes into theories about the practice. Go here to view both videos:

A few things are certain about LD – it enhances imagination and creativity, rebuilds Jing, quells anxieties in both the dream and waking lives, improves physical and emotional health, and aids in meditation and other spiritual practices. It’s an amazing practice that really changes your world.

I’m loving this earthing wristband I bought. I wear it all day at the computer. Now, I’ll say it again (and again and again) – nothing compares to earthing the way Mother Earth intended: skin to earth, barefoot walking and hiking, or just laying on unpaved ground (i.e., pesticide-free grass or field). But on a cold January day (it’s 27°F today), skin-to-ground isn’t a sane option.

 And you have to recognize that although wristbands, grounded sheets, mats, and pads are all good examples of grounding technology, nothing feels or works better than the blessed earth itself. We do what we can until spring returns.

Each moment must cease to exist in order to make way for the next moment.

Just a thought.

Peace on Earth

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