Back Country Skiing and Chaga Hot Chocolate

Let it snow! It’s time, finally, to get in some skiing

Snow again today. We finally have some decent powder! This weekend, we’re going to do some back country skiing. If we’re really feeling crazy, we’ll bring the dogs. Go big.

Just hooked up with some amazing wild Alaskan chaga. This is the best chaga I’ve yet had. It’s chock full of that beautiful, black sclerotia, the most beneficial and melanin-rich part of the fungus. It made a super-dense infusion when simmered for 3 hours. Add a little maple syrup and raw cream, and drink. Add some powdered cacao for a chaga hot chocolate. Yum. And this happens to be a chaga hot chocolate kind of day.

Garden news! This morning, I ordered the spring garden needs from Seeds of Italy. One 108-inch-long poly tunnel, plus the following seeds in bulk: cultivated arugula, 2 kinds of lettuce (Bionda Ricciolina and Rossa Ricciolina), spinach (American), dandelion, and Napoli Italian parsley. Spring and summer greens.

The snow may be falling, and the skis are waxed and ready, but spring is nearly here, and the garden is quietly waking up. So grateful.

Live Pono

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