Living Pono

I daydream too much. Coveting is painful, purposeless, and propels the cycle of Samsara. But I am coveting, by way of daydreaming – of a life re-branded in beautiful Hawaii. I’m not alone here – my husband talks often about us leaving it all for Maui or some other warm paradise off the mainland.

‘Living pono’ is a Hawaiian term that translates into a lot of things, but fundamentally, it means to live righteously, lightly on the land, and compassionately with others. It’s a great and simple way to express an upright path of living. I really dig it. Living in righteous alignment and balance with everything.

‘Aina’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘earth’. Living pono on aina: it’s a beautiful way to express a life that cherishes and benefits all sentient beings, and Mother Earth.

I’m going to listen to Iz Kamakawiwo’ole’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and keep dreaming of living pono, slurping fresh coconut, warm and tanned, on a beach.

Live Pono

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