Make Your Own Raw Chocolate

Basic ingredients for raw chocolate (good thing we keep the pantry stocked)

Melting the cacao


Last night, as the snow was piling up outside, I realized that I needed chocolate. (This happens.) Good thing we keep a stocked pantry, and all the ingredients for a fresh batch of super healthy, pure raw chocolate were there.

It’s insanely easy, and the final product is pure, raw chocolate, not the hyper-processed, refined sugar, preservative-laden, artificially colored and flavored candy that many of us call chocolate. No, this is the real, raw deal.

Here’s the few, simple steps to realizing your own, fresh batch of raw chocolate in your kitchen. You’ll never look back:

Use all organic, GMO-free ingredients for this. Melt, in a double boiler and at a low heat, one pound of raw cacao. After it’s melted, remove it from the heat, and whisk in two heaping tablespoons of cacao powder, ½ cup of coconut palm sugar (substitute a ¼ cup of raw honey if the sugar isn’t your thing), and ¼ cup finely chopped dates.

One of the perks of raw chocolate is that it is a dopamine amplifier (called the ‘chocolate high’). But in order to activate that property, it should be eaten with adequate B12. Choose the B12 tablets labeled ‘methylcobalamin’. For a pound of raw chocolate, I add 5,000 MCG (5 tablets), ground into a powder in a coffee grinder. Stir it in after all the other ingredients have been incorporated.

Skip the B12 I f it’s just the pure, raw chocolate you’re after. But I see this as an opportunity to naturally boost dopamine, so I take the extra minute to add the B12.
Pour the mixture in molds, and refrigerate. It will be firm and ready to eat in an hour.
You can also add nuts, bee pollen, or raisins. A little natural mint, orange, or raspberry extract is yummy too.

Yesterday was Losar. We’ve been celebrating since last weekend. I made red bean cakes for the Buddha, and beautiful Tibetan music has been filling the house. A quiet, peaceful celebration of the Year of the Fire Monkey. Tashi Delek!

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