Raw Honey Face Wash, and Cherry Juice Lucid Dream Induction

I enjoy a good, clear complexion most of the time. This is not just good luck. I’ve been making my own skin care products since I was in high school. I never had the money to buy the pricey stuff, and am grossed out by cheap skin care products. I’ve perfected a completely organic and very effective mud facial formula. My husband says I should sell it.

But this past moon cycle was an exceptionally rough one in every way. My skin broke out a lot. Nothing that would stop traffic, but for me, it was pretty serious, and a sign that something was out of balance.

I attribute part of the problem to delicious chaga, which I’ve been drinking a lot of since December. Chaga is potent medicine, and a powerful detox agent. As anyone who has worked through a detox knows, the early stages are not fun. You feel and look bad. Skin breaks out, GIT goes wonky, energy wanes, you may get a cold or sinus infection, and you’ll definitely feel grumpy. Then, you get over the hump, and you’re better than ever.

Winter too is tough on skin. Beings indoors most of the time doesn’t make for a happy complexion. But this was hormonal too. So now that my cycle is complete and estrogen is returning, I feel better.

I took a simple, straightforward, all natural approach to it all. I washed with raw honey morning and night (leaving it on my face in the shower to let its soothing antibacterial properties sink in), drank more coconut water than usual, and washed my pillowcases several times. I kept doing morning oil pulls, and backed off fruit juices. I increased my earthing activity. My skin is returning to normal.

Taking a simple, natural approach to breakouts and skin care instead of spending tons of money on expensive, synthetic treatments that are often harsh and sometimes damaging has always been the way to go for me. 

Cosmetic marketers use very slick language and imagery to suggest that their products do things that they can’t deliver on. And pricey skin care marketed as ‘all natural’ makes me wary. The natural/organic/holistic movement is big these days, and there’s lots of money to be made there. Always a big, big red flag.

Speaking of fruit juices, I read this morning on Nyishar’s blog (nyishar.com) about melatonin-rich pure cherry juice before bed as a powerful lucid dream inducer. Guess what I’m picking up at Garden of Light this afternoon? Try new things, discover new things.


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