Lunar Hair Care, Pine Pollen Pancakes, and Our Meditation/Yoga/Massage Room

My Himalayan pine pollen!

For hundreds of years, gardeners have followed moon cycles and the power of gravity to determine when to plant and harvest crops. This same practice can be applied to our beautiful hair. It's an ancient protocol called lunar hair care.

The lunar chart below displays the 5 optimal dates each month for cutting hair based on specific hair goals and types. I'm all about strengthening and root work. 

Go here for a 2016 chart, courtesy of Morocco Method:

My husband and I started on the new meditation/yoga/massage room this weekend! He dismantled and removed the 4-poster bed and took down the window curtain hardware left by the home’s former owner. I cleared out furniture. A few more things need to be removed before I can start removing wallpaper.

It’s already such a relief to be free of having a guest room. Holding a room hostage to the chance that someone might want to crash there was a real drag. We finally realized that since our home is, well, our home, why were we keeping an entire room on reservation for visitors we don’t want anyway? Neither my husband nor I have any ambition for overnight guests. Now, it becomes our space completely, as it should be.

Snow is falling steadily today. Winter crept up on us: no snow through January, and me thinking we’re going to get a pass. Then February arrives, and it snows a lot. Weather is weird.

At last, the Himalayan pine pollen arrived from Nyishar! Even the jar is beautiful – a gorgeous, deep cobalt glass that I’ll reuse indefintely.

I picked up a good-sounding recipe using pine pollen from Nyishar’s YouTube channel. Pine pollen pancakes: soak oatmeal overnight in chaga, cook, and cool. Add a couple of eggs and pine pollen. Use this batter to make pancakes, and top with lemon juice and coconut palm sugar. Sounds like dinner tonight.

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