Banana Ice Cream

 Today’s mono meal: tangerines

I keep chopped, organic bananas in the freezer for when I don’t have fresh (my husband loves them) and for when I want to make one of my favorite Indian meals, manjula.

Manjula is a spicy banana curry made with onions, garlic, curry powder, bananas, chick peas, spinach, hot jolokia peppers, yogurt, and spices. Served with rice, it’s totally filling, vegan, nutritious, and insanely satisfying and yummy.

I've been craving ice cream. There was no ice cream in our freezer, though. But there were frozen bananas. I got out the industrial blender and added about 3 chopped, frozen bananas. To that, I added maple syrup, cardamom, a little pink salt, and a splash of raw milk. Blended it up until it was creamy, then quickly blended in some raw cashews.

It was creamy, sweet, and cashew-crunchy. I never thought I’d believe it, but I’ve found something yummier than ice cream. This is hippie dream food.
Grooving to some Carlos Nakai this afternoon. Shamanic sounds.

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