Valentine’s Day, Love, and Buddhism

My husband is taking us out to dinner this weekend for Valentine’s Day, yay! I love eating out. I’m hoping we dine at Tibetan Kitchen in Middletown: by far, my fav eatery in Connecticut. But anywhere he takes us will be great with me. I want to drink something pink and refreshing. Strawberry lemonade?

My gift to him also orbits around food. Today, Friday, a box of cheesecake horns from Zabars is being delivered to our home. He loves Zabars cheesecake, so I thought he might dig the horns almost as much. Take it from this born-and-raised New York City girl: Zabars makes the best cheesecake on the planet.

I’m also going to make him a pot of vegan wonton soup. With fresh ginger and garlic in both the broth and the wonton filling, homemade wonton soup warms the body and spirit. And this weekend, with temperatures below zero, that’s a good thing. Other than hogging food, and some backcountry skiing, we plant to chill this weekend. Cuddle, sleep, drink tea, eat warming food, play in the snow, boink the dogs’ noses, and maybe some wallpaper removal in the emerging meditation room. I Heart Weekends!

Valentine’s Day is great. And we don’t need significant others in order to be immersed in love. Whether or not we’re in a loyal, loving relationship with someone, it’s a day to cultivate infinite love, compassionate love, lovingkindness, Buddha love, Dhamma love, unconditional love, love for ourselves, love for animals, insects and Earth, love for all. Each drop of love we give to others is significant, and, as the Buddha said, “With dribbling drops of water, the jug is completely filled.”

On another note, does anyone know where I can get fresh soursop in Northern Connecticut? More on that another day.

Be love

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