Mono Mealing It

Lunch: a mono meal of sweet oranges

I’m no fan of fad diets, but sometimes, a mono meal feels right. My body tells me what it needs. Today, it said oranges, so lunch was 3 organic oranges from Garden of Light. They were super sweet and very refreshing, as only organic can be. It’s been years since I gave a supermarket orange a try. It was labeled ‘organic’, but it was dry, dull, and quite dead. Supermarket ‘food’ is hell. Never again.

I’m not going to advocate mono mealing on a regular basis, but if you wake up one morning, and that arugula in the fridge makes you drool like never before, you’re probably deficient in copper, zinc, fiber, manganese, vitamin A, or vitamin C. I’ve gone through days when I’ve eaten only bananas. It must have been potassium my body was craving. Today, it’s oranges. And Two Princes (90s grunge rock is the best). Another big plus: my hands smell delish.


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