The Morocco Method, Cherry Juice Report, and Dreaming of Maui

Cherry juice and lucid dreams

I caved and ordered some of the Morocco Method products yesterday; the pine shale shampoo, and the Pearl cream rinse. There’s a lot of good vibes from good people around the Morocco line right now, so I decided to take the plunge, even though these products are pricey. Plus, I got 10 percent off the order for being a first-time customer, and free FedEx shipping. So, justifiable, right?

I want to commend to you Dan McDonald’s YouTube channel called, ‘liferegenerator’. Dan is a very cool dude living the dream in Maui. He left it all to live in his truck, drink fresh coconut water, and spread his ministry about raw foods and juicing, holistic healing, spirituality, brotherhood, sisterhood, compassion, sleeping on the beach, watching the sun go down, and growing your own tulsi. 

He’s probably about 45, and looks about 25. I’m not going to lie: I envy him, and there are moments each day that I want to do as he did. Short of that, I learn from him, and keep dreaming.

I drank a glass of cherry juice before bed last night (see the previous blog post for an explanation of this lucid dream practice). It didn’t induce an LD that I’m aware of, but my dreams were unusually vivid and impelling. I’m going to keep with cherry juice and see where it takes me.

Also, a big thumbs up to Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in the rinse water every time you shampoo. I stumbled across this when doing the scalp detox last weekend. It is amazing stuff.

Keep it natural.


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